Banquet Room

Banquet Room Policies and Standards

You must generate at least $200 in food/beverage sales to reserve the back room. Your reservation is not complete until you have paid the $25.00 room fee. It is a fee. Does not get applied to your bill and is non refundable.

Our Private room comfortably holds up to 35 people. If your group is larger than that, let us know as we can put you in the front of the restaurant which can hold up to 80. This arrangement will only be acceptable depending on the day of the week. Please inquire. The front room minimum is $1000.00 (weeknight) if you require the whole room to yourself.

20% gratuity will be applied to any and all private parties. Separate checks are not recommended for groups of 10 or more, but will be accepted.

Stefanina’s can provide your party with white linen tablecloths and fresh flowers to personalize your event for an additional fee.

Linen Napkins can also be provided for an additional .49 cents per person (color swatches available). Prices subject to change.

We allow decorations and a cake, but please no confetti or other food or alcohol items. If you have a special bottle of wine or champagne we will allow up to 3, but will charge a $10.00 corking fee per bottle.

We suggest that children 10 and under order off the Children’s menu.

$600 Minimum Party (before tax and gratuity) is required for a Friday or Saturday night booking in the back room. Friday and Saturday nights is BUFFET ONLY! We use the room on weekends for regular business, so in order to close it off for the evening this is the minimum. The front room minimum is $5000 for a Friday or Saturday night.

If you require the front room on a Sunday-Thursday evening or a Saturday or Sunday afternoon for a private party, the $25.00 fee must be paid to reserve it  You must generate $800.00 minimum before tax and gratuity for groups of 50 or less.  Groups of 51 or over is $1000.00 minimum before tax and gratuity. Buffet only!

We do not accept any discount cards for private parties.

Alcohol is priced as it is in the dining room.

Due to potential accidents, we ask parents to keep an eye on your children and do not let them run through the restaurant. We are not responsible for accidents from children running into servers carrying hot food or running into other people.

Please Contact Denise Gannon or Cassie Bishop for questions or bookings.


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